• H003 - Magnet-Sensor-Kit

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    H003 - Magnet-Sensor-Kit

  • Description

    For a more accurate distance measurement I recommend you to purchase my Magnet Sensor Kit. As you can see from the pictures (see application example), a magnet signal transmitter is mounted on the inside of the rim and the magnet signal receiver is placed on the wheel suspension. To be able to process the signals the cable connector (D) is plugged e.g. at input 2 of the product H012.

    Why use a Sensor-Kit?

    Because even with the best GPS antennas, you will have problems in mountains, forests and tunnels. You should know that applications always calculate the distance from one GPS point to another. So if you drive through a tunnel that is not straight, the distance will be measured from the last point to the new point.

    However! If you're taking part in a classic car race just to pass the time, driving with GPS is enough. But if you want to get good results, you need to use the sensors on the wheels.

  • Hardware

    The product can be connected to the following devices. For more information click on one of the following links.

  • Details
    • (A) 2 magnets with double-sided adhesive pads
    • (B) Sensor
    • (C) Bracket
    • (D) Cable Plug
    • (E) 5 m Extension Cable
  • Application
  • Hint

    It is recommended that only one magnet be attached to the rim. Since the magnet can usually only be glued, there is a risk that a magnet can be lost when using several magnets. This leads to measurement errors because the software is not able to detect the loss of a magnet.

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    66.00 €*

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** Not included in the Scope of Delivery