• H012 - Bluetooth Device

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    H012 - Bluetooth Device

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    This product is a Bluetooth device that should make it easier for you to operate the software while driving. In addition to this product you should purchase the matching trigger that you can also purchase from my portfolio. As an additional option, the H012 - Bluetooth device offers a magnetic sensor kit connection. This allows you to measure the distance traveled and speed much more accurately than using only GPS.

    The housing for this product has been completely redesigned and has received, among other things, an additional connection for the new H024 trigger, which was specially developed for the Speedpilot app

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  • Software

    The device can be used with the following apps.

  • Hardware

    You can connect and use the following devices on this device. For more information click on one of the following links.

  • Operating system

    • Android
    • iOS
  • Details
    • Input for USB Power Supply
    • H003 - Magnet-Sensor-Kit Connection
    • Trigger Port for Product H005
    • Trigger Port for Product H024
    • On and Off Switch
    • 9 V Battery Compartment available as Emergency Power Supply **
  • Hints
    • iOS: Prerequisite for the use of my apps is GPS functionality. If your device does not have GPS functionality (phone function), you can use this product in combination with my H003 - Magnetic Sensor Kit instead.
    • Android: Requirement for Android devices is that the Android is 7.0+ and Bluetooth 4.0+. Before purchasing the product, you can check the compatibility with one of my apps. To do this, use the "BLE Checker" function in the menu.
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    142.00 €*

* Plus shipping

** Not included in the Scope of Delivery