• H015 - Bluetooth & Radio Receiver Device

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    H015 - Bluetooth & Radio Receiver Device

  • Description

    This hardware is a further development of the product H012 - Bluetooth device. This device offers you an additional radio receiver function with which it is possible to connect several radio transmitters (H016 - Radio Transmitter) and evaluate the reception. You can also use an H019 (Radio-Transmitter with photoelectric switch) instead of the H016 (Radio Transmitter), with the advantage that no external photoelectric switch is required. With the purchase of a radio receiver and transmitters, you can very quickly create a test environment. This makes the product interesting for vintage car drivers as well as organizers who want to perform measurements over longer distances.

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  • Software

    The device can be used with the following apps.

  • Hardware

    You can connect and use the following devices on this device. For more information click on one of the following links.

  • Operating system

    • Android
    • iOS
  • Details
    • Trigger Port for Product H005
    • Magnet-Sensor-Kit Anschluss für das Produkt H003
    • Input for USB Power Supply
    • On and Off Switch
    • 9 V Battery Compartment available as Emergency Power Supply **
    • The Radio Range between Transmitter and Receiver is about 100 m
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    160.00 €*

* Plus shipping

** Not included in the Scope of Delivery