• H022 - Proximity-Sensor-Kit

  • Article name

    H022 - Proximity-Sensor-Kit

  • Description

    For accurate distance measurement, I recommend you to purchase the Proximity Sensor Kit. The detection distance can be adjusted between 1-5 mm. The cable plug is connected to the intended input of the H021 Bluetooth device. As you can see from the pictures (see application example), a metal pin is placed on the inside of the rim and the signal receiver is placed on the wheel suspension.

  • Hardware

    The product can be connected to the following devices. For more information click on one of the following links.

  • Details
    • Sensor
    • Bracket
    • Cable Plug
    • Extension Cable 5 m
  • Application
  • Hint

    A maximum of 4 metal pins can be welded/glued to a rim. When the metal pin passes the sensor, a pulse is output which is processed by the software. The pins must be metal/iron and should have a diameter of 8 to 15mm.

  • Price

    66.00 €*