• H018 - Bluetooth & Radio Receiver Device with laser light barrier

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    H018 - Bluetooth & Radio Receiver Device with laser light barrier

  • Description

    This compact device is a radio receiver with built-in laser light barrier that can be connected to a terminal device via the Bluetooth interface. You can use the product alone or in combination with several radio transmitters e.g. H016 or H019. Power can be supplied from the built-in battery compartment with 10 AA batteries or via a USB cable.

  • Material


  • Software

    The device can be used with the following apps.

  • Hardware

    The following devices can connect to this device by radio and forward the radio signals. For more information click on one of the following links.

  • Operating system

    • Android
    • iOS
  • Details
    • Integrated Bluetooth Module, Radio Receiver and Laser light barrier
    • The hardware and reflector can be mounted on any photo tripod (the maximum distance between hardware and reflector is 20 m)
    • On and Off Switch
    • Battery compartment with 10x AA available **
    • The Radio Range between Transmitter and Receiver is about 200 m
  • Accessories
    • Reflector for the photoelectric switch
  • Price

    177.00 €*

* Plus shipping

** Not included in the Scope of Delivery