• H009 - USB-Trigger

  • Article name

    H009 - USB-Trigger

  • Description

    This ergonomically designed trigger for Android end devices is designed to make it easier for you to operate the software and stop the time while driving. Unlike the H005 trigger, this version can be connected directly to the hardware via USB cable.

  • Material


  • Software

    The device can be used with the following apps.

  • Operating system

    • Android
  • Detail

    Depending on the device (USB port) one of the below two adapter is included in the price.

  • Accessories
    • OTG Adapter Type C
    • OTG Adapter Micro
  • Hint

    ATTENTION! It is not possible to use a different power supply than your smartphone / tablet. In addition, the smartphone / tablet can not be charged at the same time.

  • Price

    74.00 €*

* Plus shipping

** Not included in the Scope of Delivery