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Photos are by Mr. Karlton Spindle
Photos are by Mr. Karlton Spindle


Video Example



The Windows 10 version has several advantages compared to Android and iOS.
For example:
  • It can be installed on any Windows laptop and Microsoft Surface with Windows 10 Pro.
  • All accessories for the app, such as trigger, sensor-kit and GPS-receiver, can be connected via the USB interface, so that the laptop can be charged at the same time without any problems - this is not possible with Android, for example.
  • The app can be downloaded directly from my website and is completely independent of Google, Apple and Microsoft.
My sensor-kit or a GPS/GLONASS receiver can be used for distance measurement.
The GPS receiver can be a USB or Bluetooth device, both types are supported.
So far, a "HOLUX GPSLim 236" has been successfully tested as a Bluetooth device.
Currently I cannot guarantee whether other Bluetooth devices will work..
A GPS/GLONASS receiver with USB interface can be ordered from me on request.

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